Artist statement

Most of my work is created spontaneously, without any pre-conceived plans. These moments or spaces in time released me from the reality of everyday life. I have no pressure to create from a plan or sketch. I would leave out all exterior influences, and let my hand-eye coordination take over.
The color is mostly applied in a very impulsive manner and mixed on the canvas in progress. My work contains construction products that are manufactured by my employer. I use polymers, pigments epoxies and all types of different paints. I particularly like the reflective nature of epoxy which gives the looker a glimpse of himself at the same time. My recent pieces also contain photos that are sandwiched in the epoxy which locks in history.
The birds that are often present in my work represent the constant fight of nature verse human. With all the challenges of pollution and weather, the bird can still soar free floating on wind.

paul%20andre%20babin%202019003011.jpg paul%20andre%20babin%202019003010.jpg paul%20andre%20babin%202019003009.jpg paul%20andre%20babin%202019003008.jpg paul%20andre%20babin%202019003007.jpg paul%20andre%20babin%202019003006.jpg paul%20andre%20babin%202019003005.jpg paul%20andre%20babin%202019003004.jpg paul%20andre%20babin%202019003003.jpg paul%20andre%20babin%202019003002.jpg paul%20andre%20babin%202019003001.jpg